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Credit Repair & Rebuild Process

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They are the future!


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In this video I pretty much give some very simple steps to follow during your credit repair process... It"e;s very easy to follow but at the end of the day if you really want your credit to be top notch then you must be willing to invest in yourself.. Nobody can"e;t want it more than you do... So follow these steps below and your credit score should be back in top shape in no time...

1. Open an account with credit union & get a secured credit card or just get a secure credit card from bank or credit card company

2. Get the MyJewelersClub Account -

3. If you have max out credit cards start paying them down & get back to good standings (under 30% of card limit)

4. After Steps 1 & 2 don’t APPLY for anything else until completion of credit repair.

5. Send back everything dealing with your credit back to us meaning paperwork from the disputes that sent out! (It’s important to check all mail during credit repair process)

6. If you haven’t received anything in the mail make sure you contact us no later than 45 days of dispute letters sent out.

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