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What Holds Up the Credit Repair Process?

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One of that main issues that holds up the credit repair process or dispute process is that clients like to hold onto the results of the investigation from the credit bureaus... People don"e;t understand how critical those letters are because it provides all the information need to continue working on your credit report...

It lets you know what items have been removed and what items have been remained.. It"e; also provides the addresses of the furnishers so you can dispute with them directly so without those letters it"e;s hard to continue working...

Most clients like to hold on to them and wonder why they aren"e;t getting results as fast... I literally tell all my clients in 30-45 days they should get results back from the credit bureaus as the law gives the credit bureaus 30 days from the receipt of the letter to respond...

Those letters also provide other important details such as what type of accounts they are, balances, dates accounts were opened and/ or closed, so it"e;s important to be able to look over those reports to be able catch inaccuracies or any other mistakes that could be used as leverage to get those items removed...

So hopefully you get an understanding on how important this is...

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