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Exercise for High Blood Pressure | Best Exercise to Reduce High Blood Pressure

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Exercise for High Blood Pressure | Best Exercise to Reduce High Blood Pressure

Is it Safe To Exercise?

If You Have High Blood Pressure, Your
Your Doctor Might Suggest You To
Try Exercise More to Reduce It.

But, You Might Worry that Exercising Would
Rise Your Blood Pressure to Risky Levels.

Below Is Table For General Idea of What
Blood Pressure Levels If Exercise Necessary,
Keep in Mind Every Person is NOT the same &
Your Doctor May Agree Differently.

140/90 – 179/99 It Should be Safe to Start Increase Your Physical Activity
180/100 – 199/109 Consult Your Doctor Before Getting Into New Activity
200/110 or above Do NOT Begin Any New Activity or Consult Your Doctor

Exercise Safe By Always Get Advice from
Your Doctor Before You Start Any Physical

If You Have High Blood Pressure, Focus on
Certain Activities Can Help Improve Your
Heart & Blood Vessels.

Aerobic Exercise Best To helps Your Heart Because
Of Repetitive & Rhythmic, Also Work On Large
Muscle of Legs, Shoulders & Arms.
Below Also Activities Good for Your Blood Pressure
• Cycling
• Brisk walking
• Swimming
• Dancing
• Mowing the lawn
• Tennis
• Jogging
You Must NOT do Any Activity that is Very
Intensive For Short Amount of Time. Here Are
Activities NOT good for your Blood Pressure
• Weight lifting
• Squash
• Skydiving
• Sprinting
• Scuba Diving
Consult Your Doctor Before Begin these Activities

Intensive Exercises will Spike Your Blood Pressure
Also Put Tension on Your Heart & Blood Vessels.

Adult Should Do About 30 minutes of Moderate
Exercise 5 Times Per Week.
With Moderate Exercise
Will Be Able To Make You Warmer & Breathe Harder,
But You Must Still Able to talk Without Panting
Between Words.

Main Purpose Here is To Enjoy Staying Active,
Not Feeling Like Punishment, Because You’ll
NOT Likely to Keep Up the Routine.

Do Exercise or Activity You Like Doing, &
You’ll Soon Able to See the Benefits.

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